Fergle Gibson

director of photography


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My name is Fergle Gibson. I am a Director of Photography, Film Director, Video Editor, and lover of anything with a cocoa content. I also write, produce, and do other cool stuff relating to motion picture and photography.

Whilst probably best known for my directorial debut, I have additionally worked as a Theatrical, Media, and SFX Makeup Artist on numerous projects, and am the co-owner of a motion-picture camera rental business, which has helped many talented creatives, from young hopefuls, to students, as well as seasoned pros, realise their many visions.

What I'm offering here is also pretty cool; the opportunity to hire me and my team to shoot YOUR project, and for the most competitive rates in the industry, too!

Our combined technical knowledge, attention to detail, and unquenchable thirst for perfection, is not only second to none, but equates to 30 YEARS of experience and passion in doing the very thing we love; creating engaging, innovative, and visually awesome content.

So, if your production needs technical expertise, visionary imagination, unbridled talent, and enthusiastic energy, all you need to do is let me know what you're after, and together, we will see what we can achieve.

 — Fergle Gibson —

DoP / Camera Op
Writer / Director
Video Editor
VFX Artist

— Ben Dean —

1st AC / Focus Puller
Camera Op / DIT
UAV Pilot
Video Editor
VFX Artist

— Ant Southby —

Boom Operator
Grips / Rigger
On-Set Entertainment


We are experienced in operating a wide array of different equipment, from many of the latest 2K, 4K, and 5K camera systems, to top-of-the-range cine glass, motorised sliders, gyro-stabilised gimbals, and plenty of other must-haves you need to help your production stand out from the rest.

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Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Rates are tailored to suit YOU and YOUR project.

Please contact me for a no-obligation quote.

I don't bite.



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Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!